As part of our origination and principal investment activities we traditionally undertake some or all of the following steps:
- identify direct property investment opportunities through its network of development partners, property professionals, wholesale investors and other industry participants;
- perform detailed property and financial risk analysis on the opportunity;
- commission consultants to perform detailed due diligence to supplement its own internal due diligence and direct enquiries;
- prepare and/or review transaction feasibilities and cash flows and where relevant, seek external corroboration of underlying assumptions from relevant third party consultants;
- negotiate or provide input into acquisition terms and pricing and transaction structure;
- co-ordinate preparation and review of transaction documentation;
- arrange senior and/or mezzanine debt;
- contribute a proportion of total transaction capital from its own resources;
- where required, arrange contribution of the balance of capital from external sources;
- where required perform a funds management function including regular investor reporting/unit pricing;
- tracking project cash flows and regular reforecasting;
- monitor transaction performance and participate in transaction management;
- co-ordinate transaction audit and accounting;
- monitor transaction bookkeeping and accounting;
- report on transaction progress; and
- participate in sales and/or exit process.