Gersh Residential Land Partners Pty Ltd (GRLP)is a funds management vehicle established by Gersh Investment Partners Ltd in December 2010 to invest in Australian residential englobo land and associated developments of residential lots:

Advantages sought by GRLP:
- Continued strength of the residential property market in Australia.
- Unsatisfied demand for residential land lots as a result of strong population growth.
- Chronic shortage in availability of approved land for residential development.
- Opportunities created by capital constraints in the sector.

Our success is built on our independence and the depth of our understanding of property, finance and related disciplines coupled with our network within these industries which includes relationships with private investors, major developers, lenders, construction firms, consultants and professional advisers throughout Australia, and from time to time, abroad. We have vast experience in debt and equity finance as a result of many years experience structuring, advising on and co-investing whilst managing real estate transactions.