GIPL is a privately owned, independent, property investment and advisory firm specialising in real estate equity finance and investment. Our core business involves investing in and advising on medium to large scale property projects in partnership with third party developers and investors. Our focus is on equity investment in real estate projects with target IRR’s in excess of 20% p.a. and end values of between $20 million and $200 million. Whilst active across all sectors of the real estate investment market, we have been particularly active in residential development and asset repositioning and have also been involved in a number of commercial, and retail projects. We have traditionally invested along the eastern seaboard of Australia and in particular, Victoria and Queensland. Opportunities are sourced via our extensive network of relationships with developers, property professionals, wholesale investors and other industry participants. Transactions predominately comprise opportunistic direct equity investments in real estate acquisitions, developments or asset repositioning projects. We typically seek to arrange the capital for transactions in which we invest and undertake:
- Due diligence
- Feasibility and risk analysis
- Legal, financial and tax in joint venture structuring
- Debt procurement
- Documentation
- Transaction management
- Ongoing investment management on behalf of ourselves and our capital partners
- Development management
In addition to our core investment activities, we also:
- Arrange structured finance for real estate transactions;
- Manage wholesale direct property investment funds;
- Manage wholesale direct property investment syndicates;
- Manage the direct development of certain assets;
- Advise on the structuring/implementation of medium to large scale development projects;
- Advise on the optimal management and realisation of property portfolios.