Gersh Investment Partners Ltd is a specialist real estate advisory, capital management and principal investment group servicing a diverse client base in Australia and Internationally. Our focus is the creation of value and deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to investors and asset creators through the structuring and active management of real estate and capital.

Since inception in 2001, Gersh Investment Partners Ltd has engaged in the formation and management of over $2 billion of real estate projects as independent advisor, capital manager and principal investor. Success lies upon our entrepreneurial culture, intrinsic understanding of property, strong approaches to risk management with a focus to deliver innovation and flexibility.

Our people are highly regarded professionals in their respective fields of;
- Structured Property Finance
- Property Taxation
- Corporations Law
- Land Economics
- Real Estate Development
- Town Planning
- Property Valuation

This expertise, coupled with trusted relationships with private investors, major developers, construction firms, financial institutions, and professional advisers, has allowed us to develop innovative approaches to enhancing, structuring and advising on property transactions.